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A contract was awarded to Turfmasters Inc. of O’fallon, Mo., to perform the high bank restoration. Utilizing a Finn 3,000-gallon, truck-mounted hydraulic seeder, 30 pounds of pure live native seed with leguminous inoculant was hydraulically broadcast onto the existing slope. Within the mix, one-half pound of Prairie Bundleflower (Desmanthus), a native legume, was scarified and inoculated in order to provide a biological germination marker. An additional 2,000 pounds of GroPower 0-3-1, GroLife mycorrhizal inoculant, cottonseed hulls, and alfalfa meal was broadcast in a separate application after the seed.

Turfmasters, Inc. elected to utilize two bonded fiber matrix products for the erosion control technology: Soil Guard, a chemical BFM manufactured by Mat Fiber, and Conwed 3000, a mechanical BFM manufactured by Profile Products. The upstream segment was mulched using Conwed 3000 and the downstream segment was mulched using Soil Guard. Inorganic fertilizer, microscopic nematodes, and 15 bulk pounds of Regreen wheat and wheatgrass were mixed with the BFM. The biological marker was also mixed with the BFM. The material was applied to achieve 100 percent coverage over rock and soil.